5 Days Training Rebirth Wings®


During Training RebirthWings® therapists are invited to learn the body positions associated with the five character structures: Fugitive, Dominant, Dependent, Tolerant, Rigid.  

And each of these postures will be linked to a sequence of breathing designed specifically for the dissolution of tensions related to that type of structure.

We also link five energy modulation to five modes of behavioral attitudes, students are invited to experiment with the various vibrational modes that are implemented in relationships.                   In this way students become aware that being in relationship is an energy issue even before it becomes emotional or mental. 

Then are teached five breaths related to the five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Fear. These breathing will be useful for students to learn how to induce emotions so that their patients/clients can recognize them, live and / or dissolve them. 


Each character structure is explored in the resources in the light side through body exercises, grounding exercises, energy exercises to gain the awareness of energy modulation implemented spontaneously in characters, and finally breathwork exercises accompanied by sound healing and imaginative induction.



Lise Borbeau “The Five Wounds” 

Juma Vitali “the five vital treatments” 

Anodea Judith “Seven Chakra Wheels” 

Susan Thesenga “The helpless” 

Alexander Lowen: “Bioenergetics”



5 days + one individual session Rebirthwings + 2 supervision + test in the next 2 months 

Timetable: from 10am to 6 pm

fugitive, Dominant, Dependent, Tolerant, Rigid.