My name is Tahrin, I am a researcher of human and spiritual potential.
Let's start from the beginning: following a personal and professional relational crisis, I try to find the answers of my discomfort by experimenting with many activities from sports to music....But it all ended up getting me bored and i met my frustration. Following numerous small accidents such as muscular, postural pain that constantly compromised my health, i decided to put my attention in reading a lot about different postural methods and techniques such as Bricotte, Rolfing, Atlantotec.
I gain some improvement, but still it wasn't my way to "wake up"
2009 i met the Meditation and yes!!! I felt something very deeply in my all system...I began to move towards breath, listening all the universe...

Rebirthing catched my attention and i start to practice it, becoming a professional Rebirther.