30 '/ 40' min  dedicated to the circular breath in one hour session
In this latter part, which is the fulcrum of experience, the practitioner slides down on a mat, in a supine position and after a brief relaxation is guided step by step to meet his circular breath and is helped and stimulated to keep the attention on the breath.
In the final part let the breath gradually find its initial rythm and then pass on one side and integrate the experience listening to the emotions arised. 
Rebirthing lets us strip off every weight 
that slows us down !!
I would like to remind you that the session is held in a safe and welcoming atmosphere and with maximum respect in order to encourage and integrate the experience of rebirthing completely.
Is it possible to practice alone?
This was one of my first questions. Of course it is possible even if I first suggest you to perform a respiratory cycle with a professional rebirther to understand and experience better your breathing experience.
How many sessions?
Generally 10 sessions are enough to prepare you to live the practice in total autonomy.