Men's Group

Why gather men around a fire? Or at the foot of a mountain?
Or by a river in a forest that smells wild?

To put people  in touch with the vital energy of the elements,
in touch with their authentic feel.
Through the presence of the fire-air elements, ground water,
 through the sound of the Shamanic Drum, through the ancestral sound of the Dijeridoo. 

Visceral  nature is awakened! Instinctuality is rediscovered in its resource.
Men need spaces in which they can express themselves.
To know where their values ​​live in their heart, integrity for themselves and for their children.

Grounding exercises,  nudity lived spontaneously to free their wild nature in nature dancing
around a male dances fire that awaken Yang's power, for example, Haka dance (The Haka was

originally born as a dance of war. Maori warriors preparing for the battle were  shown,
proclaiming their strength and pride, first inside their camp and then on the battlefield,i
n front of the enemy Fear him).
We are a generation of New Men with a new conscience, we need to connect with the body and
what we feel to keep our values ​​high  From a clean mind and a crystalline heart connected to
the source of a new Era of  which we are precursors, nascent communities need centered

and affective male presence. Sweetness is in balance in a man as he
knows also its strength and these are the qualities that we look for in these groups: vulnerability,
determination, dignity,respect for our borders andwomen's, resilience that helps us to face any
challenge in Life ... Always in the breath!

I wait for you Tahrin

New awareness Freedom and Joy